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Step 7 Micro/Win V4 inc.SP6 for S7-200
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With STEP 7-Micro/WIN software you'll enjoy the full benefit of all the advantages of SIMATIC S7-200. Exceptionally powerful tools make your daily work easier and save you time and money. The intuitive wizards simplify the configuration of communications, and the new Supertree provides an optimized project overview as well as fast access to all segments of the user program. The interactive control panels for positioning as well as PID Autotuning support the commissioning process even more efficiently than in the past.

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The various wizards of STEP 7-Micro/WIN enable you to use convenient parametering in the place of programming. All the steps in the process are made a lot simpler: All you need to do is enter a few parameters – aided by menus – to generate an executable program at the touch of a few keys.

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